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Skill Synthesis

Skill Synthesis

Synthesis is performed by using one Monster as a base, and consuming another to synthesize skills. Monsters used as materials will be lost. There are three types of synthesis, including "Enhance Skill", "Acquired Skill" and "Awake Synthesis". CP offer a higher success rate compared with DP when experimenting, and allow for more effective synthesis.

Enhance Skill

Increases the level of one of the base monster's skills. Synthesis increases skill EXP, which will level up the skill when it reaches the required amount. The monster used as material must be the same race as the base monster. Using CP when synthesizing will significantly increase skill EXP.

Learn Skill

Teaches a new skill to the base monster. There is a success rate associated with learning a skill; the monster used for synthesis will be eliminated regardless of the outcome. Using CP when synthesizing will significantly increase the success rate of learning skills.

Awake Synthesis

Synthesize monsters of the same name and rarity to gather "awake points". You can also acquire status points and get bonuses like skill limit increases. If maximum awake points are reached, the monster becomes an awoken monster, its parameters are raised and its skills become wake skills. Awake synthesis does not consume DP or CP. Furthermore, when they gain wake skills, the EXP poured into previous skills is inherited. However, the amount of EXP needed to level up a wake skill is recalculated at this time, so when that is amount needed is more than that of the previous skill, the level may end up lower than it was previously.
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